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Pinata / Oct 02, 2014
Rule Thirty Four was previously the top Oceanic Exile Wildstar guild. With the officers and members having vast raiding experience in WoW going all they way back through Vanilla. We aim to once again be one of the very top oceanic guilds in WoD. To achieve this we are bringing an established and proven raiding core with us, but need some more like minded players to fill out the final ranks in the core raiding roster.

We expect our players to be knowledgeable (their class/role/fights), to be prepared (on time and with consumables) and always strive to better their character and play. 18+ age is generally the rule, but what we really want is mature no nonsense raiders that do their role with no fuss and have fun while crushing content.

Raiding schedule is

Wednesday 8-12pm
Thursday 8-12pm
Sunday 8-12pm
Monday 8-12pm

If this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to apply.
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